Value based approach

Our value based approach is based on the following three steps –

  • Analyze with the company the present cause and effect connections governing their reality, creating clarity of what needs to be changed. Using these analytical tools guarantees we will Identify the core issues and not just the symptoms.

  • Build and tailor the strategy and tactics needed to create consensus on the nature of the solution that will deliver the expected results and achieve sustainable growth.  We use a tool known as the Strategy and Tactics Tree, which clearly presents, for each level of the organization and for each function, 1) why the change is needed, 2) what is the specific measurable objective of the change (Strategy), 3) why the strategy is possible, 4) what must be considered when selecting from alternative tactics, and 5) what specific changes are being proposed to the process, policy or measurement and more.

  • Communicate how to cause the change – this is the main element that differentiates Progressive Flow from other consulting companies. Our processes support, guide, handhold and enable managements to really create the change (from local performance improvement up to a full strategy change) and to achieve unparalleled results. 

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