Our Services

Some examples from projects done by our team members

CCPM Projects

  • Shipyard, Japan

  • Shipyard, India

  • One of the biggest global consumer goods manufacturer, US, Brazil, Europe

  • Oil and Gas offshore supplier, Singapore

  • Multi-Billion General engineering and production, India

  • New Engine platform development, Japan

  • A construction company, China

  • Generic Drugs development, India


Production Projects

  • Electronic Components manufacturer, Japan

  • Open and close die forging manufacturer, USA

  • Stainless steel Cookware manufacturer, China

  • Shoe manufacturing, China

  • Towels manufacturer, India

  • Labels manufacturer, China

  • Generic Drugs manufacturer, India

  • Intelligent sensors for the car industry, Luxemburg

  • Machines for the food industry, Japan


Retail Projects

  • Fashion Retail, Brazil

  • Electronic Goods Retail, India

  • Garment Retail, India

  • Sports goods, Portugal

  • Garment Retail, India



  • Cold food distribution, Japan/China

  • Mining and Construction equipment, India

  • Automotive Electrical Systems, India

  • Steel manufacturing and distribution, India

  • Stainless Steel manufacturing and distribution, Japan

  • Cosmetics manufacturing, Japan 

Healthcare (with our partners Draethen from the UK) -  

  • ER better flow, UK, US, Australia

  • Operation rooms optimization, UK

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